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Ibrik coffee with cinnamon

Recipe by Stavros Lambrinidis


7gr coffee powder (light roast)

2gr ground cinnamon (powder)

5 cinnamon sticks

500ml of hot water

sugar (optional)



In a large pot pour 500ml of warm water and add the cinnamon sticks and leave it for about 15 minutes (you can increase the time if you want more intense cinnamon flavor, more bitter taste).

Pour one cup of aromatic cinnamon flavored water in the coffee pot and add a teaspoon full of coffee powder (about 7gr), you can also add some sugar if you like.

Place the coffee pot in the coffee machine ''hovoli'', after 1 minute, when the water gets warm, stir gently. As soon as the coffee foam starts to raise, remove the coffee pot from the sand. In an empty cup, add a little ground cinnamon, pour the coffee into the cup and sprinkle some ground cinnamon powder on the coffee foam.

A coffee, rich in antioxidants, for cinnamon lovers.


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